Search faster into Magento DevDocs and Magento StackExchange! 🔍⚡️
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Magento 2 DevSearch
VS Code - Magento DevSearch

Search faster into Magento DevDocs and Magento StackExchange! 🔍⚡️

Magento DevSearch Release Magento 2 DevSearch Installs

Magento DevSearch is a VS Code extension that allows you to select text inside the VS Code editor and search it into Magento DevDocs and Magento StackExchange for a matching function, class and method examples how to use it.

Magento DevSearch VisualStudioCode


The extension takes your selected text and opens Google's first result that matches.

To make a search

  • Open/Create a file.
  • Select some text in the editor, for example a getMessages.
  • For best results, select text only, no symbols.
  • Now you can choose how to invoke the search:
    • Context Menu: Right click on the editor and click on Search in Magento DevDocs or Search in Magento StackExchange.
    • Key Binding: Ctrl+Alt+D for DevDocs.
    • Key Binding: Ctrl+Alt+S for StackExchange.
    • Command Palette: You can do a search directly from the Command Palette, pressing Ctrl+Shift+P, then typing Magento to filter the commands.




This Visual Studio Code extension is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.