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With this MageMojo Stratus Deployer Recipe you can use the MageMojo's CLI power
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MageMojo Stratus Deployer Recipe

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Use this tool integrated with the Deployer to use the power of MageMojo Stratus CLI.

If you are using Magento 2 you can use this Magento 2 Deployer Recipe together!


You can run the command followed by dep. Example: dep mm:cache:clear --stage=production.

Command Description
mm:autoscaling:reinit It will issue a redeploy of PHP-FPM services
mm:cache:clear Clears everything
mm:cloudfront:clear Clears Cloudfront cache
mm:opcache:clear Clears OPCache cache
mm:redis:clear Clears Redis cache
mm:varnish:clear Clears Varnish cache

How to install

How to install Deployer:

curl -LO && sudo mv deployer.phar /usr/local/bin/dep && sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dep

How to install this package:

composer require rafaelstz/deployer-magemojo --dev

How to use

After install it, you can add the line below after the namespace and run dep to check:

// MageMojo Recipe
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/rafaelstz/deployer-magemojo/MageMojo.php';

To add an automatic process of all cache clean and restart all services, add these into the bottom:

// MageMojo restart services & cache clear
after('success', 'mm:autoscaling:reinit');
after('success', 'mm:cache:clear');

For example:


namespace Deployer;
// MageMojo Recipe
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/rafaelstz/deployer-magemojo/MageMojo.php';

// Project
set('application', 'My Project Name');
set('repository', '');
set('default_stage', 'production');

// Project Configurations
    ->set('deploy_path', '/home/my-project-folder')
    ->set('branch', 'master')

// MageMojo restart services & cache clear
after('success', 'mm:autoscaling:reinit');
after('success', 'mm:cache:clear');



Rafael Correa Gomes

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