Starter code for my Neural Networks 2015 class
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This is the starter code for assignments. To begin please clone it to your computer:

  1. on Linux execute git clone --recursive
  2. on Windows first install a git client, such as TortoiseGIT. Alternatively, you may want the console tools MSysGit. Then clone the repository either using the GUI (remember to check the recursive) option, or from the Git bash shell using git clone --recursive

After downloading the code you need to set some environment variables:

  1. On Linux fire up a shell and source
  2. On Windows fire up the python shell, then execute set-env.bat.

Finally you need the datasets:

  1. On Lab computers they are already downloaded to /pio/data/data/fuel, just make sure that the FUEL_DATA_PATH variable is set (it should be set by the set-env scripts).
  2. On your own computer, please download the datasets into the datasets folder, see its README for details. Also, make sure that the datasets folder is on the FUEL_DATA_PATH (it should be set by the set-env scripts).