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Open Faction is an independent project to rewrite the Red Faction engine from scratch. It makes use of Red Faction map, texture and sound files so a legal copy of game is needed to use Open Faction. At the moment only the server is usable. Client is in development and needs much more time. I am actually the main developer. !NoCigar helps me from time to time.

Why did I make it?

I know Red Faction is nearly a dead game, but I like it and have enjoyed playing it for many years. This project will give me much experience in games development and is also a lot of fun.

Why not improving Pure faction?

  • it seems that Digi and Trotskie (authors of Pure Faction) are reluctant to share their sources with anyone
  • I have found Pure Faction to be unstable (PF 3 often crashes for me)
  • Pure Faction is only a patch written in Assembly
  • writing a game from scratch allows me to make everything in my own way instead of hacking Volition's code


Right now Open Faction server is capable of:

  • loading levels (it doesn't check filename prefix, so single player maps like !L1S1 can be loaded too)
  • loading game items
  • allowing players to pick items up
  • all game modes (DM, TeamDM, CTF) are supported
  • triggers work
  • continuous damage events work
  • players can shoot but collisions are not finished yet, because Red Faction models and geometry is not reverse engineered fully yet. Currently, instead of using real geometry, clutter and entities the game uses cylinders and spheres.


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