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Flickr Uploader

The goal of this project is to help Flickr users automatically backup the photos from their Android phone. It works like Google+ Instant Upload or Dropbox Camera Upload.

The main benefit of this app over Google+ Instant Upload is the fact that you can upload ONE FREAKING TERABYTE of photos&videos in high resolution for free!

You can download it on Google Play Store:

You can fork this project or use the source code for any project. It is licensed under the GPL v2. I just request that you do not blatantly copy the app to republish it on the Play Store. You may however use it as a base to create an uploader to a service other than Flickr. You should just have to republish the source code as the GPL v2 demand.

It uses a few open source libraries:

  • flickrj-android : a modified version of the old java flickr lib optimized for Android and Google App Engine
  • Android-BitmapCache : takes care of bitmaps caching/recycling for you
  • Android-ViewPagerIndicator : displays a nice tab UI above a ViewPager
  • ACRA : sends crash report to a configurable url
  • AndroidAnnotation : simplifies Android development with annotations to define code scope (UI thread, background thread…)
  • google-collections : simplifies use of lists, maps and multimaps
  • Sprinkles : simplifies the use of SQLite database on Android

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