This repository contains handy bash extensions.
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This repository contains handy bash extensions.

I'm going to add new scripts which in my opinion would be useful for a .Net dev.

Available scripts:

  • dotnet-solution

This script creates a basic solution's folder structure. It initializes main project and dedicated test project. Created test project contains the reference to the main project. It has also referenced two handy NuGet packages: FluentAssertions and Moq. Creates sln file which could be beneficial for devs which plan to open the solution via full Visual Studio. In the end, Visual Studio Code will be opened.


dotnet-solution [solution-name] [main-project-name] <<template>>

The template name is passed to the [dotnet new] command. It will be used to create the new dotnet project based on it. More about templates you can be found under this link.


dotnet-solution adventure-works AdventureWorks.Common classlib

Solution structure which will be created by the example above. I've intentionally omitted some folders.

+-- adventure-works
|   +-- src
|       +-- AdventureWorks.Common
|       |   +-- Class1.cs
|       |   +-- AdventureWorks.Common.csproj
|   +-- test
|       +-- AdventureWorks.Common.Tests
|       |   +-- UnitTest1.cs
|       |   +-- AdventureWorks.Common.Tests.csproj
+-- adventure-works.sln

To add a specific extension to your bash shell you need:

  • download it to your machine
  • copy to /usr/bin catalog (admin rights will be required)
  • make it executable by chmod command (admin rights will be required)
    chmod +x dotnet-solution

Feel free to copy, use and modify those scripts. I'm also open to all your suggestions.