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responsive emails template

This project contains an example of responsive email templates (they were used to create the giffgaff marketing emails).

You can check the templates by accessing here

How to test

The project contains a Rakefile script to automate the compilation and sending of the emails in order to ease the testing.


To be able to use the Rake tasks, you need to have Ruby installed.

Once it's installed, go to the folder where you have checked out this repository, and install its dependencies:

$ bundle install

Sending emails

To send the basic template to any address, just execute the following:

$  rake "sendmail[]"

To send any other email (a different html file inside the repo folder), just add the filename as the second parameter:

$  rake "sendmail[,statement_points]"

Building emails

You can only compile the email into a new html file without sending any email. To do so, execute the build task witht the filename of the mail that you want to build:

$  rake "build[statement_points]"

The built email will be stored inside the dist/ folder with the same file name as the original html.

Additionally, you can build all the emails in a specific folder:

$  rake "buildall[myemails/]"


First-class browsers

  • Gmail (Chrome 24 in OSX)
  • iPhone client (iOS 7)

Full list of tested browsers

Mobile clients

  • iPad (iOS 6.1)
  • iPhone (iOS >=5.1)
  • Android (2.3)
  • Gmail App (iOS 5.1 in iPhone)
  • Gmail App (iOS 6.1 in iPad)
  • Gmail App (Android 4.0 in HTC Desire)

Desktop clients

  • 6.2 (OSX 10.8)
  • Oulook 2011 (OSX 10.8)
  • Windows Live Mail 2012 (Windows 7)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 17 (Windows 7)
  • Outlook Express 6.0 (Windows XP) - minor issues
  • Outlook 2007 (Windows XP) - minor issues

Web-based providers

  • Gmail (Safari 6 in OSX)

  • Gmail (Firefox 18 in OSX)

  • Gmail (IE7/IE8 in Windows)

  • Gmail Mobile (iOS 5.1 in iPhone)

  • Yahoo! (Chrome 24 in OSX)

  • Yahoo! (Safari 6 in OSX)

  • Yahoo! (Firefox 18 in OSX)

  • Yahoo! (IE7/IE8 in Windows)

  • Yahoo! Mobile (iOS 5.1 in iPhone)

  • (Chrome 24 in OSX)

  • (Safari 6 in OSX)

  • (Firefox 18 in OSX)

  • (IE7/IE8 in Windows) - minor issues

  • Mobile (iOS 5.1 in iPhone) - minor issues

  • Outlook Web App (any browser) - major issues

Not tested yet

  • Outlook 2010
  • IE9/IE10
  • Yahoo iOS/Android App
  • Android Client 4.0, 4.1
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone 7.5/8.0
  • FirefoxOS

Known issues

Minor bugs

  • Titles in green ( - IE7,IE8)
  • Wrong margins all across the email ( - IE7,IE8, mobile site)
  • Margins wrong in bottom links ( - all browsers)
  • Horizontal separators of 2px (Outlook Express)
  • Lists margins are not perfect (Outlook 2007)

Major bugs

  • Bullets in lists are missplaced (Outlook Web App)
  • Top navigation has no styles (Outlook Web App)
  • Mobile background images not shown (Android 2.3)

Platform problems

  • The following websites show the desktop version when accessing from mobile:
    • Yahoo!
    • Gmail
    • GMail app in iOS
  • The email is shown really big (desktop size) and can't be zoomed out (Gmail app in Android - common problem)


  • The giffgaff name, logo and all associated designs are property of
  • The HTML, CSS and Ruby code in this repository is released under the MIT license


Example of responsive email templates







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