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A small PHP front end for the fast and headless Cockpit CMS.

Docs (work in progress), Demo (outdated), i18n

My main goals:

  1. privacy by design and privacy by default
  2. developer friendliness
  • no plugins to deactivate half of the core features needed
  • ability to adjust everything
  1. clean and structured backend for my clients - Cockpit CMS with addons and modifications
  2. structured data - keep the system and the data portable and future proof
  3. modular, small and reusable code
  4. semantic html, responsive css, usable without javascript
  5. multilingualism by design

CpMultiplane is no classic Cockpit addon. It uses Cockpit as a library, registers multiplane as a new module and than uses cockpit's core features. The backend still works as a standalone tool to manage and structure data.

It is the refactored version of Monoplane, which is not maintained anymore.


  • PHP >= 7.1
  • PDO + SQLite (or MongoDB)
  • GD extension
  • pecl intl extension (optional)
  • mod_rewrite, mod_versions enabled (on apache)

Make also sure that $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] exists and is set correctly.

You can find the detailed version and a cli install example in docs -



  • copy all files of this repository into your web root
  • copy .htaccess.dist to .htaccess
  • copy Cockpit in a subfolder of your web root and name it cockpit
  • copy additional addons, create your collections, adjust some settings

via git

cd ~/html
git clone .
cp .htaccess.dist .htaccess
git clone cockpit
git clone cockpit/addons/CpMultiplaneGUI
git clone cockpit/addons/FormValidation
git clone cockpit/addons/UniqueSlugs

via composer

cd ~/html
composer create-project --ignore-platform-reqs raffaelj/cpmultiplane .

If you use composer, Cockpit and the addons CpMultiplaneGUI, FormValidation and UniqueSlugs are installed automatically.

via docker

The docker image comes preinstalled with the quickstart routine of the "basic" template, with a default admin user (password: admin) and with dummy data from installed addons.

This is not meant for production use, but for local development.

docker pull raffaelj/cpmultiplane
docker run --rm -d --name cpmultiplane -p 8080:80 raffaelj/cpmultiplane

Now open your browser on localhost:8080 and see it in action.


  • pages and sub pages (e. g. posts)
  • multilingual with language prefix, e. g.:
  • 2 modes for structured content
    1. one collection per content type, e. g. a collection named pages and a collection named posts
    2. a single collection named pages - each entry has a type page or post (experimental)
  • maintenance mode with option for allowed ips
  • simple content preview while editing pages
  • two basic responsive themes with scss files
  • simple privacy notice banner, that gets enabled when clicking on video link
  • contact forms - fully functional without javascript
  • pre-rendering of markdown fields
  • multiple ways to change everything
  • GUI via CpMultiplaneGUI addon
  • full-text search
  • ...

Recommended Addons

Install these addons in cockpit/addons/.

  • CpMultiplaneGUI
    • adds a few fields to the sidebar, so you don't have to define them in your collection definitions
    • some gui tweaks for easier access
    • work in progress...
  • UniqueSlugs
    • If links should point to slug instead of _id
    • for multilingual slugs in language switch
  • rljUtils
    • fixes security issues in Admin UI for multi user setups
    • big language buttons for multilingual setups
  • FormValidation
    • The inbuilt Forms Controller requires field definitions from this addon
    • The inbuilt views and css files are written to match the field definitions
  • VideoLinkField
    • inbuilt /assets/js/mp.js, some views and css files are designed to load videos privacy friendly with a privacy notice, that pops up only when a user clicks a play button
  • SimpleImageFixBlackBackgrounds
    • replaces the SimpleImage library with a modified version to fix black backgrounds of transparent png and gif files on hosts with a non-bundled PHP GD version
  • EditorFormats - if you want to give your users a Wysiwyg field

Intended use

Backend - Cockpit

  1. Create a singleton site for your default page definitions.
  2. Create a collection pages for all of your pages.
  3. Create a collection posts for all of your blog posts.
  4. Use the CpMultiplaneGUI addon.

Frontend - CpMultiplane

  1. create a child theme of rljbase or create your own theme
  2. adjust defaults in /child-theme/config/config.php
  3. add snippets to /child-theme/bootstrap.php, that are explicitly for your theme
  4. add snippets to /config/bootstrap.php, that are specifically for your setup
  5. change some partials to fit your needs


The fastest way to change some defaults, is to add some values to /cockpit/config/config.php:

return [
    '' => 'CpMultiplane',

    'i18n' => 'en',
    'languages' => [
        'default' => 'English',
        'de' => 'Deutsch',

    // define settings here
    'multiplane' => [
        'pages' => 'pages',
        'siteSingleton' => 'site',
        'slugName' => 'slug',
        'use' => [
            'collections' => [
            'singletons' => [
            'forms' => [

The cleaner and more user friendly way is to use the GUI. Create a profile, name it my-profile and set multiplane to the profile name:

return [
    '' => 'CpMultiplane',

    'i18n' => 'en',
    'languages' => [
        'default' => 'English',
        'de' => 'Deutsch',

    // define settings via profile
    'multiplane' => [
        'profile' => 'my-profile',

Reserved routes

  • /login - Calling reroutes to the admin folder, e. g.
  • /search - full-text search
  • /getImage - Calling /getImage?src=assets_id?w=100&h=100&m=thumbnail returns images/thumbnails with predefined settings, that can be adjusted with params
  • /submit/form_name and /form/form_name - for contact forms
  • /getPreview and /livePreview for content preview
  • /clearcache to clear cockpit's cache (only in debug mode)

Copyright and License

Copyright 2019 Raffael Jesche under the MIT license.

See LICENSE for more information.

Credits and third party resources

Without Cockpit, CpMultiplane couldn't exist. Thanks to Artur Heinze and to all contributors.