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How to automatically autocomplete tags with all existing ones

I didn't do any performance tests. If you have very much entries, this solution might slow down your application.

Add this code snippet to /config/bootstrap.php and change the collection name to your needs:

$app->bind('/get-all-available-tags', function() {

    $tags = [];

    $options = ['fields' => ['tags' => true]]; // field name of your tags field

    $entries = $this->module('collections')->find('pages', $options);

    if ($entries) {
        foreach($entries as $entry) {
            if (!is_array($entry['tags'])) continue;
            foreach($entry['tags'] as $tag) {
                $tags[] = $tag;

    // remove duplicates
    $tags = array_keys(array_flip($tags));

    return $tags;


Now copy the modified field field-tags-autoupdate.tag into /config/tags and use it instead of the default tags field.

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