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Cockpit debugging

a very simple debug helper

Add this code snippet to the bootstrap of your addon or in config/bootstrap.php. Now you can call it from everywhere with debug($variable); and it writes a new line to /storage/tmp/.log.txt. I named it .log with a starting dot to let the .htaccess deny public access to it.

// simple logging for debugging
function debug($message) {

    global $cockpit;

    if (!is_string($message) || !is_numeric($message))
        $message = json_encode($message);

    $time = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', time());

    $cockpit('fs')->write("#storage:tmp/.log.txt", "$time - $message\r\n", FILE_APPEND);


add debugging info on top of Cockpit pages

For debugging create a file path/to/cockpit/config/bootstrap.php and add

// view the debug info on top of the layout
$app->on('app.layout.contentbefore', function(){
    $vars = [
        'app_important_routes' => [
            'route' => $this['route'],
            'base_url' => $this['base_url'],
            'base_route' => $this['base_route'],
            'base_host' => $this['base_host'],
            'base_port' => $this['base_port'],
            'docs_root' => $this['docs_root'],
            'site_url' => $this['site_url'],
        'cockpit_DIR' => dirname(dirname(__DIR__)), // may differ from DOCUMENT_ROOT (symlinks)
        'user_constants' => get_defined_constants(true)['user'],
        'app_paths' => $this['paths'],
        // 'SERVER' => $_SERVER,
        // 'app_config' => $this->config, // config.yaml + app defaults
        // 'app' => $this, // the whole app, needs a few seconds to load/print
    echo '<pre>' . print_r($vars, true) . '</pre>';

If you can't login, because you get redirected to login page or you have a 404

404: add RewriteBase / or RewriteBase /cockpitdir to .htaccess

Can't login: call to create default user 'admin' with password 'admin'

Redirect to login:

Cockpit can't detect your paths because of FastCGI or symlinks or other server settings, that might differ. Create a file defines.php in your cockpit dir with something like

define('COCKPIT_BASE_URL', '/' . basename(__DIR__));
define('COCKPIT_BASE_ROUTE', '/' . basename(__DIR__));
define('COCKPIT_DOCS_ROOT', dirname(__DIR__));

now the backend works, but the api requests return 404

If this is not enough, you have to define more constants by yourself. To detect your SERVER vars and defined constants, add

$vars = [
    'cockpit_DIR' => __DIR__, // may differ from DOCUMENT_ROOT (symlinks)
    'user_constants' => get_defined_constants(true)['user'],
    'SERVER' => $_SERVER,

here: (between the define part and the function cockpit() part)

to print it to your api output.

Debug Helper Kint Addon

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