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RSS Feeds for collections in Cockpit CMS
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Feed Addon for Cockpit

work in progress

RSS Feeds for collections.

Public collections are available without an API key, if public feeds are allowed through config.

Copy this folder to addons/Feed.



  • /api/feed --> default feed
  • /api/feed/get/collectionname --> collection feed
  • /api/feed/listFeeds --> feed of all collections (json)
  • /api/feed/listFeeds/rss --> feed of all collections (rss)

get feed for collection

call https://url/to/cockpit/feed/get/collectionname?token=xxtokenxx

public: https://url/to/cockpit/feed/get/collectionname

output: RSS Feed

list all feeds

call https://url/to/cockpit/feed/listFeeds?token=xxtokenxx

public: https://url/to/cockpit/feed/listFeeds

output: json with all available feeds

    "dates": {
        "name": "dates",
        "label": "Termine",
        "_id": "dates5b29154a804d0",
        "description": "",
        "url": ""
    "pages": {
        "name": "pages",
        "label": "Seiten",
        "_id": "pages5b191eb15c192",
        "description": "pages collection - nothing more",
        "url": ""

call https://url/to/cockpit/feed/listFeeds/rss?token=xxtokenxx

public: https://url/to/cockpit/feed/listFeeds/rss

output: RSS Feed


in config/config.yaml

# Feed
    public    : true   # allow public feeds for public collections
    default   : pages  # cockpit/api/feed returns feed for default collection
    site_route: /test  # experimental custom urls for non-api-requests

custom output

put a file in config/feed/collectionname.php with your custom code

To do

  • caching
  • more generic views with $xml = new DOMDocument('1.0', 'UTF-8'); ...
  • maybe different rss/atom versions
  • maybe GUI --> for now, config.yaml works fine
  • mime error if calling with Lime instead of API
    • Warning: Creating default object from empty value in E:\github\cockpit\addons\Feed\bootstrap.php on line 23
    • Workaround: error_reporting(0);
  • ...
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