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re-enable the feature to display collections etc. in the system menu - addon for Cockpit CMS
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ShowInMenu for Cockpit CMS

With the version 0.9.3 (Sept. 2019) of Cockpit CMS, the feature to display Collections, Singletons and Forms in the system menu was dropped.

This addon re-enables that function.

If I missed something, feel free to file an issue or to ask about it in the related discussion on discourse.

Related commits:


  • add a toggle in the settings of Collections, Singletons and Forms to enable the key in_menu
  • display activated items in the menu when clicking on the logo at the top left
  • changed the design to the new menu style
  • display the correct icon (in the original/old version, they all had the default icon)


Copy this repository into /addons and name it ShowInMenu or

cd path/to/cockpit
git clone addons/ShowInMenu
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