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phpLiteAdmin interface for Cockpit CMS
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phpLiteAdmin addon for Cockpit CMS

This addon adds a phpLiteAdmin interface for simple direct database access if you use Cockpit with SQLite.

I used the latest version and did some modifications. I know, I should have forked and built the whole thing, but it works for me. I made the initial commit without modifications, so you can see the differences in the commit history.

Caution: Never store this addon in your public available webroot /addons! If you do so, everyone has access to your database.

installation and usage

Copy this addon in a folder above your web root, e. g. home/cockpit_data/addons/phpLiteAdmin.

Add this to config.yaml:

    - "home/cockpit_data/addons"

Now phpLiteAdmin should be available in your admin interface if you have admin rights.

config options

The addon works without any config, but you can adjust a few things:

    width: 100%
    height: 650px
    theme: Ugur3d
    rowsNum: 30
    charsNum: 300
    maxSavedQueries: 10
    cookie_name: pla3412
    debug: false

available themes

  • Sheep
  • Ugur3d
  • simpleGray
  • Modern
  • Default

If you want other themes, download them from the official source (direct link to zip) and copy them into config/phpliteadmin/themes.


Download i18n files from the official source and copy them into config/phpliteadmin/i18n.


phpLiteAdmin is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, so I chose the same license for this addon. See LICENSE file for more information.

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