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Belle of Nine Fables
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Belle of Nine Fables =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

A game by mariofrog, created for PyWeek #12 ( Copyright 2011 Andrew Towers ("mariofrog"). All rights reserved.

This package is released under the BSD license (see License.txt)

How to play =-=-=-=-=-=

Use the arrow keys to move, Space to jump and cycle your inventory. Alternative keys: W-A-S-D or Z-X-'-/ to move, Enter to jump.

NB. the game was not completed and cannot be finished at this stage.


  • explore everywhere you can, and take note of the items you find.
  • you can only carry two items at once; place unneeded items somewhere you can easily get back to again!
  • save the flasks for when you really need them.
  • try placing items on item pads in seemingly appropriate places.

Running the game =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


Dependencies =-=-=-=-=-=-

Python 2.5 or 2.6 Pyglet 1.1 (tested with 1.1.4)

Credits =-=-=-=

Code: Game code written by mariofrog.

Artwork: Created by mariofrog using the Gimp (sigh.) PGU (Phil's pyGame Utilities) level editor was used to create the room maps.

Font: 8-bit Limit, created by Brian Kent; see data/8bitlimit.txt

Sound: Created by mariofrog using SFXR.

Music: Nada, nix, sorry.

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