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Small, bad python script to pull subreddit subcounts
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Subreddit subcount

Small, bad python script to pull subreddit subcounts


  • python subredditname1 subredditname2

The script now works with a database. It needs a Table called "Subcounts" in a Database.

It also needs the following columns:


If CSV files from previous Versions exist, they can be automatically thrown in a Database with the Script.

You can add as many subreddits as you want.

Add your DB credentials to and the subreddits to track to subredditlist.txt.

It's meant to be called via cron multiple times a day to ensure that it's not failing. It will only add a new entry once a day.

I use 5 */2 * * * /path/to/

Python modules required:

  • json
  • urllib2
  • datetime
  • os
  • MySQLdb
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