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Streaming analysis of tweets using RStorm
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This repository contains code used to prototype a streaming framework for analysing Tweets about Comcast using the RStorm packages.

This is primarily being created for a presentation/tutorial at Interface 2015.


The purpose of the stream is to simulate/prototype a streaming framework for a someone wishing to analyze tweets matching a given topic, in this case Comcast. The stream will:

  1. Keep track and visualize (with a wordcloud) common terms associated with the topic.
  2. Classify and visualize the polarity (positive/negative/neutral) of tweets and visual common words in each class.
  3. Keep track of the proportion of positive tweets as time goes on.
  4. Visualize and report the rate of tweets in a given time frame.


This project requires several R packages:

  • RStorm
  • twitteR
  • sentiment*
  • wordcloud
  • dplyr
  • tidyr

Most of these packages can be installed from CRAN, but sentiment and one of its dependencies need to be installed from source:

	             repo = NULL, type = "source")
	             repo = NULL, type = "source")


Current Contents:

File Description
comcast_dash Folder containing shiny demo
presentation Folder containing presentation source code
tutorial Folder containing tutorial source code
stormr folder containing Storm package example
twitteRStorm.R Standalone R Script of tutorial. Readme file for project. License document for project.

Viewing the Dashboard

The dashboard is designed to prototype how a dashboard for monitoring tweets might took. You can run the app locally by calling shiny::runApp() in R from within the comcast_dash directory.

Alternatively, you can run the app from using the link:

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