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Awesome Vim Color Schemes

Collection of awesome color schemes for Vim, merged for quick use.


Use your favorite package-manager to install, and enjoy!

Color Schemes

Scheme Description Terminal GUI
256noir Dark minimal colors, to avoid distraction
abstract Dark theme based on Abstract app
afterglow Adaptation from Sublime Text
alduin Dark rustic colors
anderson Dark vim colorscheme based on colors from Wes Anderson films
angr Pleasant, mild, dark theme
ayu-vim Simple, bright and elegant theme
Apprentice Dark, low-contrast colorscheme
Archery Vim colorscheme inspired by Arch Linux colors
Atom Designed to be very readable in both light and dark environments
carbonized Inspired by the Carbon keycap set ✓ (16)
challenger-deep FlatColor colorscheme
deep-space Intergalactic friendly color scheme based off Hybrid
deus For the late night coder
dogrun Dark purple
flattened Solarized, without the bullshit ✓ (16)
focuspoint Maintain color coordination and important keyword focus
fogbell Minimal grey monotone with 3 variants
github Based on Github's syntax highlighting
gotham Very dark vim colorscheme
gruvbox Retro groove color scheme
happy hacking Fairly small set of colors instead of throwing rainbows at your face
Iceberg Dark blue color scheme
papercolor Light and Dark color schemes inspired by Google's Material Design
parsec Color scheme for people tired of solarized ✓ (16)
scheakur A light/dark colorscheme
hybrid A dark colour scheme for Vim and gVim
hybrid-material Material color scheme based on w0ng/vim-hybrid
jellybeans Colorful, dark color scheme
lightning Light vim colorscheme based on Apprentice
lucid Vivid highlights and friendly, clear colors
lucius Lucius color scheme
materialbox Light and dark material palette inspired based on Gruvbox
meta5 Dark colorscheme, inspired by Tron
minimalist Darker version of material theme inspired by Sublime Text
molokai Molokai color scheme
molokayo Very tweaked molokai based theme
mountaineer A dark and adventurous theme
nord An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant theme ✓ (16)
oceanicnext Oceanic Next theme
oceanic-material Material dark colorscheme
one Adaptation of one-light and one-dark
onedark Inspired by Atom's One Dark syntax theme
onehalf Clean, vibrant and pleasing color scheme
orbital Dark blue base16 theme
paramount Minimal colorscheme that only puts emphasis on the paramount
pink-moon Dark pastel theme
purify Clean & vibrant color schemes for Vim, Terminals...
pyte Clean, light (nearly white) theme
rakr Flat colorscheme light and dark variant
rdark-terminal2 Modified rdark-terminal to enhance visibility
seoul256 Low-contrast color scheme based on Seoul Colors
sierra Dark vintage colors
solarized8 Optimized Solarized colorschemes ✓ (16)
sonokai Vivid and high contrast based on Monokai Pro
space-vim-dark Dark magenta colors
spacecamp Colors for the final frontier
sunbather Minimal pink colorscheme
tender 24bit colorscheme for Vim
termschool Based on the "codeschool" theme, with lots of tweaks
twilight256 Imitates the Twilight theme for TextMate
two-firewatch A blend between duotone light and firewatch (for atom)
wombat256 Wombat for 256 color xterms

Other Collections


Collection of awesome color schemes for Neo/vim, merged for quick use.







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