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Rafi Barash Personal Website

Tech Stack

This web app is completely static and simply served through a CDN. It is based on the JAMstack architecture. For the frontend, I am using Gatsby.js, a blazing-fast static-site generator based on React.js. This site sources most of its content through GraphQL queries to Contentful, a headless CMS with a very nice free tier. The site is built and deployed on Netlify, an unreal all-in-one platform for automating web projects. Form management and all other backend functionality is powered through Netlify's extremely generous free tier.


If you want to run this website on your local machine, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have node.js and npm installed. (npm should come with the node.js installation)

  2. Fork this repo by clicking the "Fork" button on the top right of your page.

  3. Click on the green "Clone or download" button on the right-side of your page. Under the "Clone with HTTPS" header, copy the link to your clipboard (should look like<your repo>/rafi-personal-website.git).

  4. Open terminal and run the following commands.

    git clone <your repo link>  # Clones repo to your local machine, use link you copied
    npm install  # Installs necessary dependencies stated in package.json
    npm run start  # Starts a development server serving the local repo
  5. That's it! Feel free to mess around with the code and use it in your own project. A shoutout would be nice :)

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