A collection of cryptographic primitives, and programs to crack them.
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naive crypto

A collection of cryptographic primitives, and programs that crack them.


When I took a cryptography course in university, I often came across statements like: "This scheme is trivially broken if less than 4 encryption rounds are used" or "An attacker could easily forge authenticated messages if the initialization vector was chosen at random."

Although I could mathematically prove these statements, I was curious to see how really "trivial" breaking these schemes was in practice.

NOTE: This is probably obvious by now, but you should never use any of the cryptographic functions here to secure your applications, these are meant solely as targets to satisfy the hobbyist cryptanalyst in me (or you!)

Project Structure

crypto: Contains the cryptographic functions.

runners: Contains classes used to run experiments. For example, runners.classical.SubstitutionCipherRunner can be used to obtain a substitution ciphertext using a (unknown to you) random key, from which you would then try to recover the plaintext.

crackers: Contains programs that crack cryptographic schemes.


Most of the material I used for this project come from the lovely Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Katz and Lindell.