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This is a Javascript game that pretends to recreate evolution
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A JS game made with canvas.

Live demo!

The main goal of this project is that i will learn canvas and game development.

Achievements I'd like to accomplish

  • Multiple "entities" moving throught the screen randomly
  • That "entities" bounces when arriving to the end of the screen (maybe).
  • Different "entities" have different attributes like size, color, velocity, strength, intelligence, startPosition...
  • That attributes will indicate if some "entities" are enemies or friends, also will make them better or worse for moving / fighting
  • When a "entity" named X finds other near entity named Y in a radius Z, if they are "enemies", X goes to Y at the velocity dictated by X size and natural velocity
  • When a big "entity" goes over a small "entity", smaller one runs in order to avoid being eated.
  • When a "entity" finds / collissions an enemy "entity" , it trys to eat it. If does, it grows bigger.
  • An "entity" has the occasional chance to modify randomly (slightly) its attributes
  • An "entity" can reproducte itself modifying and getting attributes of 2 parents if they meet.
  • Various "entities" can collaborate to create one bigger entity (like medusas)

More to come...

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