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Fix a minor typo

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1 parent 400b8a7 commit f5f15d5e0150dddd90b9e086ba543c4f7446f6e6 @rafl committed
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  1. +1 −1  lib/Bric/Dist/Action/
2  lib/Bric/Dist/Action/
@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ Bric::Util::Trans::FS and Bric::Util::Trans::FTP as examples.
In your new mover class, implement a put_res() method and a del_res() method.
These methods take an array ref of Bric::Dist::Resource objects to be moved and
a Bric::Dist::ServerType object as arguments. Use the Bric::Dist::Server objects
-in the Brci::Dist::ServerType object to put (or delete, in the case of del_res)
+in the Bric::Dist::ServerType object to put (or delete, in the case of del_res)
the files represented by each of the resource objects. Again, see Use
Bric::Util::Trans::FS and Bric::Util::Trans::FTP for examples.

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