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Most generated methods (constructor, Moose reader/writer/accessor) etc.
require closed over values.
But given our "don't build the metaclass until the end" strategy we don't
actually have those values earlier on.
My first thought was to simply only install the accessor methods into the
symbol table at the end, but that's not going to work if method modifiers
are involved - and the user may be depending on the method immediately after
it's supposed to be created.
So, instead, we need to create the coderef at the "usual" point but remember
it exists, and manhandle the values back in afterwards.
We -could- do this with padwalker and friends but I don't see the point.
Instead, we take the init block:
my $attr = $self->associated_attribute;
sub {
<body here>
and create an extra sub:
my $attr;
sub {
my $self = shift;
$attr = $self->associated_attribute;
sub {
<body here>
so at the end we need only call the second sub with the meta-method object
to populate the captures.
For Moose-level code, we also need to filter type constraints back to their
names where a name is passed into the accessors construction rather than an
object (if an object is passed in, the ref capture code can be used instead).
We also need to consider chunks of the superclass' metaclasses to be in scope
for inlined constructors.