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Commits on Sep 7, 2013
  1. Version 1.14

  2. Bump $Term::ReadLine::VERSION

  3. Tokuhiro Matsuno

    added Term::ReadLine::EditLine support

    tokuhirom authored committed
  4. Version 1.13

  5. David Steinbrunner

    typo fixes for Term::ReadLine

    dsteinbrunner authored committed
    Bump $VERSION.
  6. Version 1.12

  7. Bump version of Term::ReadLine

    Karl Williamson authored committed
    commit 20a5039af69d81e9003664af771f2dd5e0446c2b changed this module's
    pod but  didn't bump the version.
  8. James E Keenan

    Standardize spelling of 'supersede' throughout the distribution.

    jkeenan authored committed
    Change two instances of 'supercede' to match many more instances of the
  9. Version 1.11

  10. Craig A. Berry

    Bump Term::ReadLine version.

    craigberry authored committed
  11. Craig A. Berry

    Rational findConsole dispatch for Term::ReadLine.

    craigberry authored committed
    Back in 5.002 or so, if we didn't find /dev/tty and weren't on
    Windows, the console was assumed to be sys$command, which only
    makes sense on VMS (possibly $^O didn't work yet on VMS?).
    Later accretions have assumed that the sys$command default meant
    something other than laziness and a second if block with various
    specific overrides was added, some of which set the console back
    to undef after its having been set to sys$command.
    That can all be avoided by simply checking we're on VMS before
    setting the console to sys$command and letting it default to
    STDIN for cases where we don't know of something else specific
    that it should be.
  12. (msys) perl readline creates sys$command files w/o STDIN connected

    Sven Strickroth authored committed
    This fixes [perl #115900].
Commits on Sep 11, 2012
  1. Version 1.10

  2. Steve Hay

    Don't use /dev/tty if it happens to exist on Windows

    steve-m-hay authored committed
    This fixes CPAN RT#79001 and CPAN RT#79064.
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
  1. Version 1.09

Commits on Mar 25, 2012
  1. Ricardo Signes

    correct argument handling in Term::ReadLine

    rjbs authored committed
  2. Ricardo Signes

    avoid some long-line errors in podcheck of Term-Readline

    rjbs authored committed
  3. Ricardo Signes

    new patch for Term::ReadLine event loop support

    rjbs authored committed
    This is more work from Darin McBride and Rocco Caputo to get the event
    loop code offered earlier working, tested, and documented.
  4. Refactor the Tk event loop to allow for other event loops

    Max Maischein authored committed
    Term::ReadLine supports any event loop, including unpubished ones and
    simple IO::Select loops without the need to rewrite existing code for
    any particular framework.
  5. Increase $Term::ReadLine::VERSION to 1.08

    Father Chrysostomos authored committed
  6. Darin McBride

    Make Term::ReadLine use AE if available

    dmcbride authored committed
    Term::ReadLine only allows the Tk event loop to be called during
    a readline call. This should be updated to use AnyEvent which will
    still work with Tk, as well as any other event loop the user may need.
    With this patch, T::RL now uses AnyEvent if it is loaded, falling back
    to Tk otherwise; so the Tk mode won't be affected.
    T::RL::Stub has its own get_line. This does not honour the tkRunning
    flag at all. If I remove it, it's fine. This patch does so.
Commits on Jul 7, 2011
  1. Version 1.07

  2. Add .gitignore

  3. Add dist.ini

  4. Import Term::ReadLine from blead

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