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Your Name
Your e-mail address and google id.
Your Project's Title
A short description.
(The rest should be entered in the "detailed description" box.)
Benefits to the Perl/Open Source Community
Who will benefit from your project and in what ways? Describe the likely
user-base and what means they might currently be using to accomplish the same
ends. Are you proposing an incremental improvement, a fundamentally new
approach, or an aggregation of existing tools/ideas?
Describe the quantifiable results and goals.
Project Details
You can't be too detailed. Describe prior art and the concepts on which your
project is based. What is new or different about your approach which wasn't
done/possible before? Do you have any preliminary findings or results which
suggest that it is possible and likely to succeed?
Note any uncertainties or aspects which depend on further research or
experiments. What is your plan for dealing with snags, unforeseen difficulties,
or setbacks? How useful will your results be if (when) not everything works
exactly as planned?
Project Schedule
What are the milestones? Be sure to include dates which are compatible with the
References and Likely Mentors
Which managers and/or likely mentors have you contacted about your plans? Who
was the most helpful? Have any of them offered to mentor your project?
Under what license will your code be published? Projects may pick an OSI
license, but we recommend the Artistic+GPL disjunction ("same terms as perl
Who are you? What makes you the best person to work on this project? What
experience do you have with Perl and other Open Source projects? What
development tools and methods do you use? Have you previously been responsible
(either as an employee/volunteer/student) for a project of this size?
Are you an eligible student and do you meet google's legal requirements? Do you
have the paperwork to prove it? (Note that you only have to prove it to Google,
but we want to be sure that paperwork will not interfere with your project after
it has been selected.)