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Extensible online radio streaming application for Android with RxJava, LiveData, Coroutines
Kotlin Java
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Radio Core

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Online Radio Streaming App, Made by developers for developers



  • Online Radio Streaming
  • Latest News powered by News Central (
  • Displays ICY Metadata tags from streaming source if available
  • Radio Timer and News Fetch Frequency
  • Extensible


If you'd like to contribute new features or fix an existing issue please open an issue to discuss it before beginning implementation.


Command Line

You can build RadioCore from the command line by running ./gradlew assembleDebug.

Android Studio

Choose "Import Project," and choose the build.gradle file from the top level directory.

Using code from RadioCore in other projects

Please keep use of this code for non-profit purposes only. Also, please note that the project is under the GPL 3 license, which requires that modifications to this code be open sourced as well. Please note that the data is licensed under the various licenses of the data's authors (typically, this is CC BY-NC-ND, but may differ depending on the source of the data).

Open Source Projects Used

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