repository of scalable vector graphics (.svg) from images taken during [European Women in Games Conference - 2nd September 2015]( #ewigconf 2015 #svg
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repository of scalable vector graphics (.svg) created from images taken during European Women in Games Conference

thanks for great time!!! smiles all over!!! and no, i am not trying to "finger fuck" anyone (i just had to mention this).

some of you asked about the software used to trace the images. if you have an iOS device then check IMAENGINE on the app store. support the developer if you like it and enjoyed using it!!! write a review!!!

you can find all graphics in /ewigconf_2015_svg_cleaned folder

see any typos, want to improve the code or change this

  • fork it
  • edit
  • commit changes
  • send me pull request

the conference has taken place on 2nd September 2015 in London, UK and was organised by

women in games jobs

great job guys!

the graphics in this repo were created and are released under gpl-v3.0 by


click on the graphic, poke me on codepen and let's make a game together!

#ewigconf #svg