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During a visit to a church in Sicily a priest offered a painter Caravaggio holy water. Caravaggio asked the old priest what was it for. "It will cancel your venial sins my son" replied the priest. "Then it's no use" replied Caravaggio, "because my sins are all mortal."

this project is about an Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi better known as Caravaggio.

it is a search for architectual glimpses of the reality in which he lived and which he depicted in unprecedented detail on his paintings.

nec spe nec metu

the painting are all by already mentioned, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and this repo is only a start of a journey to recreate in JavaScript the places visited by this extraordinary artist during his lifetime...

all in webGL...

with vr gear on...

that's the plan.

to be continued...

about the code in this repo:

since I like having something in place before diving deep in tech, assets creation and all the circus of a digital production i patched up something to start with. something that inspires me, allows to gather initial materials and something dramatic enough to maybe draw some attention from fellow coders and creatives.

JavaScript used here was initialy written by Gerard Ferrandez (ge1doot) whose work was always a source of inspiration for me. his original demo could be viewed here: apparently transparent while the source code together with the MIT licence could be accessed here.

the initial anegdote quaoted after Daniele Bolelli from his two part podcast series about Caravaggio (Part 1: Light and Darkness, Part 2: Folsom Prison Blues.

sources of original images gathered in the folder /_img-org as well as the reference to the graphic above all listed in credits-links-001.md