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One reason to hire me that isn't obvious from reading my resume (advertisement)

re: The Fowler Effect

One of the subjects I try to discuss with prospective employers is how we could put my non-coding/non-management traits to work. When working with one company some little time ago, a colleague once confided in me that I was the reason he did not resign from the company. After blushing, I told him that he had better find some other reasons, and we worked together to transform his job from "Only worth doing because of Reg" to "Great, with Reg as a bonus."

Good people help retain good people. Good people with notoriety attract good people. I have a small "brand," but for all that it is very specific and should not be carelessly wasted. I'm looking for the type of company where we can put "The Braithwaite Effect" to work attracting and retaining the best people available. Do you own/work for such a company or know someone who does? Please pass my resume along.


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