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Nuno Job on Rewrite

I received a very nice email from Nuno Job. Here it is with a few minor edits:


I was watching your lecture (video on infoq, slides and comments) and quite enjoyed it.

In one of your last slides you where doing advanced recursion on a tree and wanted to share this book with you: Program Design by Calculation.

It's mostly Haskell but the recursion over trees is quite something else and I think your work might benefit from it.

Here's a little sample of code written with this kind of generic fold mechanisms for a tree (in this case a pointfree exp tree).


My recent work:

JavaScript AllongéCoffeeScript RistrettoKestrels, Quirky Birds, and Hopeless Egocentricity

(Spot a bug or a spelling mistake? This is a Github repo, fork it and send me a pull request!)

Reg Braithwaite | @raganwald