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Hungarian PBKAC

Hungarian notation (whether apps or systems) is useful, especially when you want some of the benefits of an untyped language but want to make wrong code look wrong. The trouble with it is just like the trouble with any documentation that isn't checked or enforced automatically: Over time the words diverge from the code, making it worse than useless because it actively deceives.

Here is some actual code I found in a current project today.

def self.to_a_by_based_on
  all.inject({}) do |hash, edit|
    hash.tap { |h| (h[edit.based_on] ||= []) << edit }

def self.to_a_by_scope
  all.inject({}) do |hash, edit|
    hash.tap { |h| (h[edit.scope] ||= []) << edit }

Sure, a generator could be used to DRY up the code. But before we get there... What do the method names promise and what do the methods deliver? Need I say that a quick "blame" in git revealed that these lines were written by the usual suspect?

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