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@@ -384,6 +384,8 @@ Using combinators like `#divide_and_conquer` simplifies things: You only need to
For these reasons, I strongly encourage the use of recursion combinators, either those supplied here or ones you write for yourself.
+**Update**: [Practical Recursive Combinators]( explains how to improve these naive implementations. Or you can just grab the [updated source code]( "2008-11-26/recursive_combinators.rb") for yourself.
_More on combinators_: [Kestrels](, [The Thrush](, [Songs of the Cardinal](, [Quirky Birds and Meta-Syntactic Programming](, [Aspect-Oriented Programming in Ruby using Combinator Birds](, [The Enchaining and Obdurate Kestrels](, [Finding Joy in Combinators](, [Refactoring Methods with Recursive Combinators](, and [Practical Recursive Combinators](

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