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The ragasirtahk Blog

My personal blog. I share things I do here. View it here:

Technologies Used

Theme Used

Tranquilpeak theme for Hugo.

Theme Credits

Hugo version of Tranquilpeak is a based on original Hexo version. This version is simply a port to Hugo static site generator. The port was done by kakawait.

Please all the credit should be attributed to original Hexo version and its author Louis Barranqueiro.

Setup for Yourself

I have created a guide explaining how someone can create a blog like mine using Hugo and Netlify CMS. You can view it here.

Use as boilerplate

Most of us love boilerplates!

Feel free to use this repository as a boilerplate for your own blog.

Credits if used as boilerplate (appreciated but not necessary).

Credits to this repository and theme creators (see will be highly appreciated, it takes quite a significant amount of time to make such kind of boilerplate.

Delete the contents of /content/post before using as boilerplate. Also delete the AdSense ad code in /themes/hugo-tranquilpeak-theme/layouts/partials/footer.html and /themes/hugo-tranquilpeak-theme/layouts/partials/post/header.html and delete / change the Google Analytics tracking ID in the /config.toml file.

Please also delete manifest.json, OneSignalSDKWorker.js, OneSignalSDKUpdaterWorker.js and the folder __MACOSX located in /static.

You can simply fork/clone/download this repository, upload to your server or deploy to Netlify and create your own blog. Remember to delete the contents of /content/post before uploading or deploying it.

My love for Netlify

And yes this blog deploys on Netlify (

Deploys by Netlify

Hugo + Netlify CMS = ♥