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Network compression using RL

What is network compression?

Network compression is the process of reducing the size of a trained network, either by removing certain layers or by shrinking layers, while maintaining performance. This notebook implements the a version of network compression using reinforcement learning algorithm similar to the one proposed in [1].

[1] Ashok, Anubhav, Nicholas Rhinehart, Fares Beainy, and Kris M. Kitani. "N2N learning: network to network compression via policy gradient reinforcement learning." arXiv preprint arXiv:1709.06030 (2017).

This Example

In this example the network compression notebook uses a Sagemaker docker image containing Ray, tensorflow and OpenAI Gym. The network modification module is treated as a simulation where the actions produced by reinforcement learning algorithm (remove, shrink, etc.) can be run. The notebook has defined a set of actions for each module. It demonstrates how one can use the SageMaker Python SDK script mode with a Tensorflow+Ray+Gym container. You can run rl_network_compression_a3c_ray_tensorflow_NetworkCompressionEnv.ipynb from a SageMaker notebook instance. This package relies on the SageMaker TensorFlow base RL container that has Ray installed.


The sample notebook demonstrates how to:

  1. Formulate network comrpession as a gym environment.
  2. Train the network compression system using Ray in a distributed fasion.
  3. Produce and download the checkpoints of best compressed models from S3.