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Portfolio Management with Amazon SageMaker RL

Portfolio management is the process of constant redistribution of a capital into a set of different financial assets. Given the historic prices of a list of stocks and current portfolio allocation, the goal is to maximize the return while restraining the risk. In this demo, we use a reinforcement learning solution framework to manage the portfolio by continuously reallocating several stocks. Based on the setup in [1], we use a tensor input constructed from historical price data, then apply an actor-critic policy gradient algorithm to accommodate the continuous actions (reallocations). The customized environment is constructed using Open AI gym, and the RL agents are trained using AWS SageMaker.

[1] Jiang, Zhengyao, Dixing Xu, and Jinjun Liang. "A deep reinforcement learning framework for the financial portfolio management problem." arXiv preprint arXiv:1706.10059 (2017).


  • rl_portfolio_management_coach_customEnv.ipynb: notebook used for training portfolio management policy.
  • src/
    • datasets/stocks_history_target.h5: source data. See notebook for license.
    • configurations including data selection, data directory.
    • utility functions.
    • custom environments and simulator.
    • launcher for coach training.
    • launcher for coach evaluation.
    • coach preset for Clipped PPO.

Risk Disclaimer (for live-trading)

This notebook is for educational purposes only. Past trading performance does not guarantee future performance. The loss in trading can be substantial, and therefore investors should use all trading strategies at their own risk.