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Roboschool simulations training with stable baselines on Amazon SageMaker

Roboschool is an open source physics simulator that is commonly used to train RL policies for robotic systems. Roboschool defines a variety of Gym environments that correspond to different robotics problems. One of them is HalfCheetah which is a two-legged robot, restricted to a vertical plane, meaning it can only run forward or backward.

In this notebook example, we will make HalfCheetah learn to walk using the stable-baselines a set of improved implementations of Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithms based on OpenAI Baselines.


  • rl_roboschool_stable_baselines.ipynb: Notebook demonstrating the code to make HalfCheetah learn to walk.
  • Dockerfile: Dockerfile building the container with Roboschool, OpenMPI, stable-baselines and their dependencies by using SageMaker's RL tensorflow container as base.
  • src/
    • Preset for HalfCheetah distributed training with Stable-Baselines PPI1.
    • Training Stable-Baselines launcher script.
  • resources: Files required as part of docker build.
  • examples:
    • robo_half_cheetah_10x_40min.mp4: Output RL video for model trained using the rl_roboschool_stable_baselines.ipynb notebook with 10 ml.c4.xlarge instances and num_timesteps as 1e7