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Mentored by Prof. Li

Id Members Title Link(s) Interview Schedule
1. Ashkan Aleali and Saman Biookaghazadeh KHARITEH: Toward Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Through Deep Learning proposal Thursday, 27th April, 10:45 AM
2. Arindam Mitra and Trideep Rath Geometry Diagram Understanding proposal Monday, 24th April, 11:30 AM
3. Rajagopaalan Sethuraman and Vishal Srivastava Image Search on Mobile Phones made simpler proposal Thursday, 27th April, 11:15 AM
4. Prajwal Pudayal ASL Command Recognition using Deep Neural Networks proposal Thursday, 27th April, 11:30 AM
5. Duo Lu and Pak Lun Kevin Ding Stroke Recognition for Gesture Interface proposal Tuesday, 27th April, 11:45 AM
6. Manali Diwakar Trivedi Face and body detection in images of crowds using Recurrent Neural Networks proposal Thursday, 25th April, 11:45 AM
7. Ruibo Liu Generating Chinese Classical Poems with LSTM Algorithm proposal Thursday, 27th April, 10:15 AM
8. Shishan Huang and Lei Guo Binary weighted networks proposal Tuesday, 25th April, 11:45 AM
9. Amin Salehi and Avinash Reddy Kaitha Image Tag Recommendation by Exploiting Social-Network Metadata proposal Thursday, 27th April, 11:00 AM
10. Aarav Madan and Laxmikant Patil Gender and Age Group Prediction using CNN and Transfer Learning proposal Tuesday, 25th April, 11:30 AM
11. Gopal Rao and Stephen McAleer Early prediction of potential Lung Cancer cases based on lung scans proposal Tuesday, 25th April, 11:00 AM
12. Bijan Fakhri and Meredith Moore ZoomNet and Lean Fast R-CNN: Speeding up Single Object Detection proposal Thursday, 27th April, 10:30 AM
13. Prad Kadambi and Gaurav Srivatsava Robust and Compact Deep Networks Using Information Theory/ Feature-channel reduction in Deep Convolutional neural network proposal Tuesday, 27th April, 10:15 AM
14. Vatsal Mahajan and Saurabh Singh Image Understanding via Continuous Questioning and Answering proposal Thursday, 27th April, 10:00 AM
15. Kowshik Thopalli and Perikumar Javia Visual Question Answering – A challenge proposal
16. Jitesh Kamble and Vishal Naik Person Re-Identification using Deep Learning proposal Tuesday, 25th April, 10:45 AM

Mentored by Ragav

Id Members Title Link(s) Interview Schedule
1. Sangdi Lin, Yanzhe Xu Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks proposal Monday, 24th April, 11:45 AM
2. Chia-Yu Hsu and Jau-Yuan Shiao Deep Learning and Visual Computing Image Colorization with Deep Learning proposal Monday, 24th April, 12:00PM
3. Vigneshwer Vaidyanathan and Bahar Shahrokhian Deep Reinforcement Learning in Video Games proposal Monday, 24th April, 11:30 AM
4. Trevor Barron Generative Networks to Simulate Environment Dynamics and Improve Sample Efficiency in Reinforcement Learning proposal Wednesday, 26th April, 12:45 PM
5. Ragini Sistla and Wenbo Tian Analysis and implementation of transfer learning proposal Monday, 24th April, 12:30 PM
6. Manan Shah and Aastha Khanna Estimating Geo Location using Convolutional Neural Networks proposal Wednesday, 26th April, 11:30 AM
7. Rudra Saha and Prakhar Khandelwal Detection and Classification of Fishes proposal Monday, 24th April, 11:15 AM
8. Anil Kumar Motupalli and Buddha Puneeth Nandanoor Improving YANN toolbox with Jupyter notebooks, test coverages proposal Monday, 24th April, 12:45 PM
9. Abhishek Kumar, Hari Kripa Omalur Chandran Generating Stereo-pair of an image for 2D to 3D Conversion proposal Wednesday, 26th April, 12:00 PM
10. Aman Verma and Anchit Agarwal Learn image transformations using AutoEncoders proposal Wednesday, 26th April, 12:30 PM
11. Praveen Shivaprasad and Uday Shankar Implementing weight normalization to accelerate the learning of neural networks proposal Friday, April 28th 12:15 PM
12. Siddhant Prakash and Anurag Solanki Stereo image generation using Neural Networks proposal Wednesday, 26th April, 11:45 AM
13. Nishi Shah and Kshama Jain Improvising Generative Adversarial Networks proposal Wednesday, 26th April, 12:15 PM
14. Arun Karthikeyan and Chandrakanth Mamillapalli Object Recognition and text to Image synthesis using Generative Adversarial Deep Neural Nets proposal Wednesday, 26th April, 11:15 AM
15. Xin Ye and Zige Huang Early Action Prediction and Analysis from Frame Glimpses in Video proposal Wednesday, 26th April, 11:00 AM
16. Garrett Sterling Decker and Jajati Keshari Routray Deep Background Generation proposal Monday, 23rd April, 11:00 AM