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yann: version 1.0rc1

  • An even easier, simpler and versatile CNN tool alternative to Lasagne and Keras.
  • Promotes easy learnability and practice of CNNs using theano.
  • Modular and plug and play modules and layers.
  • Implementations of most commonly used techniques and popular papers in CNN research.

MIT License at Documentation at Join the discussion at!forum/yann-users Build Status Codecov Coverage Requirements Status Open Source Love

Originally written for personal research, this toolbox will be most useful for those who are interested in starting deep CNNs to make a fast transition into theano and developing CNNs. It was called samosa back then. Now yann has evolved into this toolbox for CNNs. Yann is designed as a supplement to an upcoming book on Convolutional Neural Networks and also the toolbox of choice for a graduatelevel deep learning course under developement at CIDSE ASU.

Because of this reason, Yann is specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to use for beginners. That does not compromise Yann of any of its features. It is still a good choice for a toolbox for running pre-trained models and build complicated, non-vannilla CNN architectures that are not easy to build with the other toolboxes.This will also be useful for industry when teting out prototypes.

There is a documentation page that has some details on how to run the code and how to use it. For a quick start into the toolbox, you can use this guide.

Thanks for using the code, hope you had fun. Ragav Venkatesan