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- breaks with header values that are nil
- breaks with header values that are ruby objects (convert to strings?)
- sending utf8 data in 1.9 breaks
- generate amqp/spec.rb from original xml spec
- add peek and pop to queues
- use rabbitmq generated consumer tag from basic.consume-ok reply
- allow temporary queues with amq.queue(nil) syntax (use uuids)
- use as temp queue in rpc
- use uuids for message ids in rpc
- add ack/completed responses for messages
- deleting queues/bindings/exchanges
+ queue.unbind
- queue.remove or queue.close or queue.delete
- exchange.remove
- rpc.remove
- handle errors and exceptions
binding to a non-existent (or not yet created in clock.rb) exchange
@reply_text="NOT_FOUND - no exchange 'clock' in vhost '/'">>]
- handle connection.redirect during connect (for rabbitmq in distributed mode) [or just set insist to true]
- add amq.queue('name').size{ |num| "#{num} messages in the queue" } (send declare passive, look at declare-ok response)
- clean up MQ.default on disconnect