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Cannot determine application with Sinatra 1.3.3 #30

SpiritMachine opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi there.

Since upgrading Sinatra to 1.3.3, the test module cannot determine that the application is a Sinatra::Base.

The application itself works fine, it's just the test suite that no longer works.

Minimal scenario to replicate is located here:



I'm having the same issue.


@SpiritMachine I fixed this in my fork. You can use it by adding the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'async_sinatra', git: '', ref: 'f00c791c8baa150bea4de7a4efbe941b93470c02'

Nice one. Thanks for the heads up. Silly me; I actually looked at this and couldn't see why it was failing - missed the absence of the @ before the first app.


Running into this now myself.

@raggi raggi closed this in f00c791
@raggi raggi referenced this issue from a commit
@raggi Update and fix #30 for new sinatra 00c69f5
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