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#ifndef _BBCP_CONFIG_H
#define _BBCP_CONFIG_H
/* */
/* b b c p _ C o n f i g . h */
/* */
/* (C) 2002 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford, Jr., University */
/* All Rights Reserved. See bbcp_Version.C for complete License Terms *//* All Rights Reserved */
/* Produced by Andrew Hanushevsky for Stanford University under contract */
/* DE-AC03-76-SFO0515 with the Deprtment of Energy */
#include "bbcp_Debug.h"
#include "bbcp_FileSpec.h"
#include "bbcp_LogFile.h"
#include "bbcp_Stream.h"
class bbcp_Config
long long Options;
int bindtries;
int bindwait;
int Mode;
int ModeD;
int ModeDC;
int Streams;
int BAdd;
int Bfact;
int BNum;
int Progint;
int Complvl;
int Wsize;
int MaxWindow;
int MaxSegSz;
int Xrate;
int RWBsz;
char *SrcBuff;
char *SrcBase;
int SrcBlen;
char *SrcUser;
char *SrcHost;
char *SrcXeq;
char *SrAddr;
char *SnkXeq;
char *Logurl;
char *CBhost;
int CBport;
char *SecToken;
char *MyAddr;
char *MyHost;
char *MyUser;
char *MyProg;
char *CKPdir;
char *IDfn;
char *Logfn;
char *LogSpec;
char *RepSpec;
bbcp_LogFile *MLog;
char *CopyOpts;
int CopyOptt;
int lastseqno;
int TimeLimit;
int MTLevel;
char *rtSpec;
char *rtLockf;
int rtCheck;
int rtLimit;
int rtLockd;
int csOpts;
#define bbcp_csVerIn 0x00000001
#define bbcp_csVerOut 0x00000002
#define bbcp_csVerIO 0x00000004
#define bbcp_csVerAll 0x00000007
#define bbcp_csPrint 0x00000008
#define bbcp_csSend 0x00000010
#define bbcp_csLink 0x00000080
#define bbcp_csDashE 0x00000800
int csSize;
int csType;
#define bbcp_csNOP 0
#define bbcp_csA32 1
#define bbcp_csC32 2
#define bbcp_csMD5 3
int csFD;
char *csPath;
char *csSpec;
char csName[8];
char csValue[16];
char csString[44];
char ubSpec[4];
bbcp_FileSpec *srcPath;
bbcp_FileSpec *srcSpec;
bbcp_FileSpec *srcLast;
bbcp_FileSpec *snkSpec;
const char *SrcArg;
const char *SnkArg;
void Arguments(int argc, char **argv, int cfgfd=-1);
int ConfigInit(int argc, char **argv);
int Configure(const char *cfn);
void Display();
void setCS(char *buff);
void setRWB(int rwbsz);
int a2sz(const char *etxt, char *item, int &result, int minv, int maxv);
int a2tm(const char *etxt, char *item, int &result, int minv, int maxv);
int a2ll(const char *etxt, char *item, long long &result,
long long minv, long long maxv);
int a2n(const char *etxt, char *item, int &result, int minv, int maxv);
int a2o(const char *etxt, char *item, int &result, int minv, int maxv);
int a2x(char *result, char *item, int ilen);
char *n2a(int val, char *buff, const char *fmt="%d");
char *n2a(long long val, char *buff, const char *fmt="%lld");
void WAMsg(const char *who, const char *act, int newsz);
static const char *Scale(double &xVal);
char *OPp;
void Cleanup(int rc, char *cfgfn, int cfgfd);
void Config_Ctl(int);
void Config_Xeq(int);
int EOpts(char *Opts);
void help(int rc);
int HostAndPort(const char *what, char *path, char *buff, int bsz);
int LogOpts(char *opts);
void ParseSB(char *spec);
int ROpts(char *Opts);
int ROptsErr(char *Opts);
char *Rtoken(void);
char *tohex(char *inbuff, int inlen, char *outbuff);
int Unbuff(char *Opts);
/* O p t i o n D e f i n o i t i o n s */
#define bbcp_APPEND 0x0000000000000001LL
#define bbcp_COMPRESS 0x0000000000000002LL
#define bbcp_NOUNLINK 0x0000000000000004LL
#define bbcp_FORCE 0x0000000000000008LL
#define bbcp_KEEP 0x0000000000000010LL
#define bbcp_PCOPY 0x0000000000000020LL
#define bbcp_VERBOSE 0x0000000000000040LL
#define bbcp_TRACE 0x0000000000000080LL
#define bbcp_OUTDIR 0x0000000000000100LL
#define bbcp_CON2SRC 0x0000000000000200LL
#define bbcp_BLAB 0x0000000000000400LL
#define bbcp_ORDER 0x0000000000000800LL
#define bbcp_RECURSE 0x0000000000001000LL
#define bbcp_IDIO 0x0000000000002000LL
#define bbcp_ODIO 0x0000000000004000LL
#define bbcp_MANTUNE 0x0000000000008000LL
#define bbcp_RELATIVE 0x0000000000010000LL
#define bbcp_SRC 0x0000000000020000LL
#define bbcp_SNK 0x0000000000040000LL
#define bbcp_SSDATA 0x0000000000060000LL
#define bbcp_DOBIND 0x0000000000080000LL
#define bbcp_REPBUFFS 0x0000000000100000LL
#define bbcp_REPUSAGE 0x0000000000200000LL
#define bbcp_NOSPCHK 0x0000000000400000LL
#define bbcp_NODNS 0x0000000000800000LL
#define bbcp_LOGIN 0x0000000001000000LL
#define bbcp_LOGOUT 0x0000000002000000LL
#define bbcp_LOGRD 0x0000000004000000LL
#define bbcp_LOGWR 0x0000000008000000LL
#define bbcp_LOGCMP 0x0000000010000000LL
#define bbcp_LOGEXP 0x0000000020000000LL
#define bbcp_LOGGING 0x000000003f000000LL
#define bbcp_RTCOPY 0x0000000300000000LL
#define bbcp_RTCSRC 0x0000000100000000LL
#define bbcp_RTCSNK 0x0000000200000000LL
#define bbcp_RTCBLOK 0x0000000400000000LL
#define bbcp_RTCHIDE 0x0000000800000000LL
#define bbcp_RTCVERC 0x0000001000000000LL
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