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/* */
/* b b c p _ F i l e S y s t e m . h */
/* */
/* (c) 2002 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford, Jr., University */
/* All Rights Reserved. See bbcp_Version.C for complete License Terms *//* All Rights Reserved */
/* Produced by Andrew Hanushevsky for Stanford University under contract */
/* DE-AC03-76-SFO0515 with the Department of Energy */
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
struct bbcp_FileInfo
long long fileid; // Unique file identifier in the system (dev/inode)
long long size; // Size of file in bytes
mode_t mode; // File mode (i.e., rwx)
time_t atime; // Access time
time_t mtime; // Modification time
time_t ctime; // Create time
char *Group; // -> Group name
char Otype; // 'd' | 'f' | '?'
bbcp_FileInfo() {Group = 0; Otype = '?';}
~bbcp_FileInfo() {if (Group) free(Group);}
class bbcp_File;
class bbcp_FileSystem
// Returns true (1) if the path belongs to the filesystem, false(0) o/w.
virtual int Applicable(const char *path)=0;
// Indicates that direct I/O, if available, should be used. This needs to
// be called prior to open(). Argument 0 turns it off, 1 turns it on.
virtual int DirectIO(int On) {int oIo = dIO; dIO = On; return oIo;}
virtual int DirectIO() {return dIO;}
// Returns true (1) if the filesystem has enough space for the number of
// bytes amd the number of files, false (0) otherwise.
virtual int Enough(long long bytes, int numfiles=1)=0;
long long FSID() {return fs_id;}
// Obtain the size of a file and return desired block size
virtual long long getSize(int fd, long long *blksz=0) = 0;
// Opens a file and returns the associated file object. Upon an error, returns
// null with errno set to the error code (see Unix open()).
virtual bbcp_File *Open( const char *fn, int opts, int mode=0)=0;
// MKDir create a directory identified by path. Upon error, returns -errno.
// Otherwise returns a zero.
virtual int MKDir(const char *path, mode_t mode)=0;
// Returns the path bound to the filesystem
char *Path() {return (fs_path ? fs_path : (char *)"");}
// Removes a file and return 0 upon success or -errno.
virtual int RM(const char *path)=0;
// Set the group information for a file & return 0. Returns -errno upon error.
virtual int setGroup(const char *path, const char *Group)=0;
// Set the mode on a file & return 0. Returns -errno upon error.
virtual int setMode(const char *path, mode_t mode)=0;
// Set access and modification time & return 0. Returns -errno upon error.
virtual int setTimes(const char *path, time_t atime, time_t mtime)=0;
// Returns information about a file or directory in the FileInfo structure and
// zero if all went well. Otherwise return -errno.
virtual int Stat(const char *path, bbcp_FileInfo *finfo=0)=0;
bbcp_FileSystem() : fs_path(0), fs_id(0), secSize(0), dIO(0) {}
virtual ~bbcp_FileSystem() {if (fs_path) free(fs_path);}
char *fs_path; // Valid path to filesystem
long long fs_id; // Unique filesystem identifier
size_t secSize;
int dIO; // Direct I/O requested
// getFileSystem() returns a FileSystem object that is applicable to the
// specified path. Returns null if no applicable filesystem can be found.
extern bbcp_FileSystem *bbcp_getFileSystem(const char *path);
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