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#ifndef __BBCP_NODE_H__
#define __BBCP_NODE_H__
/* */
/* b b c p _ N o d e . h */
/* */
/* (c) 2002 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford, Jr., University */
/* All Rights Reserved. See bbcp_Version.C for complete License Terms *//* All Rights Reserved */
/* Produced by Andrew Hanushevsky for Stanford University under contract */
/* DE-AC03-76-SFO0515 with the Department of Energy */
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "bbcp_FileSpec.h"
#include "bbcp_File.h"
#include "bbcp_Link.h"
#include "bbcp_ProcMon.h"
#include "bbcp_Stream.h"
class bbcp_Protocol;
class bbcp_ZCX;
class bbcp_Node
void Detach() {NStream.Detach(); dlcount = 0; data_link[0] = 0;}
int Drain() {return NStream.Drain();}
int getBuffers(int isTrg, int isLZO=0);
char *GetLine();
char *GetToken() {return NStream.GetToken();}
int LastError() {return NStream.LastError();}
char *NodeName() {return nodename;}
int Put(const char *data, int dlen)
{char *dpnt[] = {(char *)data, 0}; int lpnt[] = {dlen, 0};
return Put(dpnt, lpnt);
int Put(char *data[], int dlen[]);
int Run(char *user, char *host, char *prog, char *parg);
int RecvFile(bbcp_FileSpec *fspec);
int SendFile(bbcp_FileSpec *fspec);
int Start(bbcp_Protocol *protocol, int incomming)
{if (incomming) return Incomming(protocol);
else return Outgoing(protocol);
void Stop(int Report=0);
int Wait(bbcp_Node *other=0);
int TotFiles;
long long TotBytes;
bbcp_Node(bbcp_Link *netLink=0);
~bbcp_Node() {Stop(); if (nodename) free(nodename);}
bbcp_ProcMon Parent_Monitor;
bbcp_Link *data_link[BBCP_MAXSTREAMS];
bbcp_File *comp1File, *comp2File;
bbcp_Stream NStream;
char *nodename;
int dlcount;
int iocount;
void chkWsz(int fd, int Final=0);
int Incomming(bbcp_Protocol *protocol);
int Outgoing(bbcp_Protocol *protocol);
int Recover(const char *who);
void Report(double, bbcp_FileSpec *, bbcp_File *, bbcp_ZCX *);
bbcp_ZCX *setup_CX(int deflating, int iofd);
int Usage(const char *who, char *buff, int blen);
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