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#ifndef __bbcp_ZCX_H__
#define __bbcp_ZCX_H__
/* */
/* b b c p _ Z C X . h */
/* */
/* (c) 2002 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford, Jr., University */
/* All Rights Reserved. See bbcp_Version.C for complete License Terms *//* All Rights Reserved */
/* Produced by Andrew Hanushevsky for Stanford University under contract */
/* DE-AC03-76-SFO0515 with the Department of Energy */
#include <stdlib.h>
class bbcp_BuffPool;
class bbcp_ZCX
long long Bytes() {return cbytes;}
int Process(void);
pthread_t TID;
bbcp_ZCX(bbcp_BuffPool *ib, bbcp_BuffPool *rb, bbcp_BuffPool *ob,
int clvl, int xfd, int logit);
~bbcp_ZCX() {}
int Zfailure(int zerr, const char *oper, char *Zmsg);
bbcp_BuffPool *Ibuff;
bbcp_BuffPool *Rbuff;
bbcp_BuffPool *Obuff;
long long cbytes;
int Clvl;
int iofd;
char *LogIDbeg;
char *LogIDend;
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