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raggi's hoe_template

This is just my hoe template, feel free to fork. The rake tasks should get you going.

rake -T

rake copy  # Copy in files, overwriting if newer
rake diff  # Diff directories
rake link  # Link user template to repo (good for forks)

This is for use with hoe's project generator:

sow project_name

It's currently setup for github hosted projects, and a lib project on rubyforge mirroring the project gems, and hosting rdocs.

To setup on rubyforge, I use the rubyforge gem, so for libraggi, this works like:

rubyforge create_package libraggi project_name

A quick summary of a workflow:

sow project_name
cd project_name
git add .
git commit -a -v
github create-from-local .
rubyforge create_package libraggi project_name
rake release
rake publish