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  remove useless example of using nanite from webapps. TODO: document using memcached for returning results to web app
  Updated instructions for amqp installation.  Require version >= 0.6.0.
  A few minor doc text updates.
  Typo and more explicitly define 'LA'
  Fix the aforementioned tasks to actually start rabbit.
  experimental rake tasks to control rabbitmq.
  added ability to stream abitrary data from an IO object
  updated FileStreamer to use refactored packages
  Remove "make run" step since we ran "make" already. "make run" would place the database in /tmp.
  Update readme with complete instructions to build from source, including python prereqs
  RabbitMQ does not require eunit, and some distributions do not even include eunit
  Consolidate some example related code to the examples dir.
  Document the warning filled install of async Thin.
  Register actors in the init.rb for agents to allow actors to not be auto-loaded if needed
  Correct documentation after refactoring
  Add dependencies to gemspec
  Consolidate previous myagent example into simpleagent
  Some enhancements to the admin web page.
  Added JQuery.  Focus on the payload field. Indentation.

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Ezra Zygmuntowicz
Ezra Zygmuntowicz committed Jan 27, 2009
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