The simplest rails money plugin EVAR
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RTFM Money

Decimal types for rails. This is THE LIGHTEST plugin for rails that supports decimal numeric types in a safe manner.

To install: RTFM To uninstall: RTFM To use: RTFM To profit: RTFM

Clear? Crystal.

Real explanation:

Rails supports a column type :decimal. This uses BigDecimal. It's safe for calculations - in that it doesn't suffer the classic IEE754 problems with entropy.

A money plugin for storing a simple numeric type, is completely pointless. Valid use cases for plugins might include alternative formats for currency strings not supported by BigDecimal - however, this should not in any way affect the stored type, or available methods on models. All a good money plugin should provide is a method for parsing and generating localised money strings.

Automatic resolution of sub denominal values is also unacceptable, as if ignored and not correctly accounted for in the business model, this leads to critical vagueness in applications, and significant money can be lost over time, or by lawsuit.