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from __future__ import absolute_import
from .activation_maximization import visualize_activation_with_losses
from .activation_maximization import visualize_activation
from .saliency import visualize_saliency_with_losses
from .saliency import visualize_saliency
from .saliency import visualize_cam_with_losses
from .saliency import visualize_cam
from keras import backend as K
def get_num_filters(layer):
"""Determines the number of filters within the given `layer`.
layer: The keras layer to use.
Total number of filters within `layer`.
For `keras.layers.Dense` layer, this is the total number of outputs.
# Handle layers with no channels.
if K.ndim(layer.output) == 2:
return K.int_shape(layer.output)[-1]
channel_idx = 1 if K.image_data_format() == 'channels_first' else -1
return K.int_shape(layer.output)[channel_idx]
def overlay(array1, array2, alpha=0.5):
"""Overlays `array1` onto `array2` with `alpha` blending.
array1: The first numpy array.
array2: The second numpy array.
alpha: The alpha value of `array1` as overlayed onto `array2`. This value needs to be between [0, 1],
with 0 being `array2` only to 1 being `array1` only (Default value = 0.5).
The `array1`, overlayed with `array2` using `alpha` blending.
if alpha < 0. or alpha > 1.:
raise ValueError("`alpha` needs to be between [0, 1]")
if array1.shape != array2.shape:
raise ValueError('`array1` and `array2` must have the same shapes')
return (array1 * alpha + array2 * (1. - alpha)).astype(array1.dtype)
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