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Server for Deadline
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Deadline Server

Server for the Deadline course notification system. Built by Raghav Sethi, Mayank Pundir and Naved Alam at IIIT-D.

API Notes

  1. POST /api/subscribe - id, [regId]
  2. POST /api/unsubscribe - id, [regId]
  3. GET /api/deadlines - [regId]

regId is used by mobile users only

API Results

For /api/deadlines returned JSON is of this format:

{ "subscriptions" : [ {"id":"hci", "name":"Human Computer Interaction"}, {"id":"aa", "name":"Advanced Algorithms"} ]

"deadlines" : [
	{"id":"1","title":"Assignment 1","subscription":"Introduction to Programming","updated":false,"description":"","attachmentUrl":null,"additionalInfo":null,"dueDate":"Wed Jan 30 16:30:00 UTC 2013"}


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