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Server for the Bounce file-sharing network
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Server for the Bounce file-sharing network. Client is here

Recommended Development Environment

  1. Microsoft WebMatrix
  2. GitHub for Windows
  3. Node.js
  4. MongoDB (set up: (reading about mongo:
  5. POSTman

Packages and tutorials


  1. Express (tutorial)
  2. Mongoose (tutorial)


  1. Control flow:
  2. Passing parameters to callbacks:
  3. Closures:

General Architecture

###Keeping track of online users HTTP pings to /pending

###Authentication MAC is the primary key, still not sure how to prevent spoofing of the HTTP post

###Server-initiated transfers, peer-initiated transfers Every client will listen on a port for server commands

###Network protocol HTTP, as that is well-supported by Node and is easily debuggable in the browser and via Fiddler

###Data transfer JSON.

###Encryption over the wire HTTPS, yet to obtain certificate.

###Encryption on disk for friend-files Could use the hash of the file as the encryption key, this would make life very easy as the requesting peer only needs to know the hash - which is anyway the primary key for a file. To be implemented.

###Encryption for standard transfers Don't think this is worth the time and complexity, MITM can simply be prevented by using the comparing against the expected hash

###Local storage Currently a config file, will move to VS-default config soon

###Distribution of network-specific configuration Hardcode the common server into the distributable. Give server address on download web-page.

###Failover/Load sharing Will be implemented later.

###Update mechanism ClickOnce


###GET /pending Request Body None Response Body [{'uploader':XYZ, 'type':'indirect'...},] (apart from everything in pending - this must return IP of uploader as well) Client Action Repeated every 'x' seconds
Server Action Reset the timeout at which the server will mark the user offline

###GET /search/the+big+bang+theory Request Body None
Response Body [{'uploader':XYZ, 'mac':'XYZ', 'type':'online', 'hash':XYZ, 'size':1234, ...},] Client Action When user searches for a file
Server Action Return list of matching files

###GET /key/transferID Request Body None
Response Body {'key':XYZ} Client Action When a client recieves a request to serve a file Server Action Return the key for a transferID

###GET /status Request Body None
Response Body [{'transferId':XYZ, 'hash':XYZ, 'mac': XYZ, 'sent': 2, 'total': 5},] Client Action Every x seconds, display on the 'bounces' tab Server Action Compute which transferIDs have what status

###POST /register Request Body mac=XYZ, nick=XYZ, space_allocated=265348 Response Body {'status': 'OK', 'text':'xyz'} Client Action Application start
Server Action Mark user as online and start the timeout

###POST /download Request Body hash=XYZ, mac=XYZ, type=online Response Body {'status': 'OK', 'text':'xyz'} Client Action User click on 'download' or 'bounce' button
Server Action Populate the pending queue appropriately

###POST /sync Request Body added=[{'name':'file1'...}] Response Body {'status': 'OK', 'text':'xyz'} Client Action Client finishes calculating diffs
Server Action Make appropriate changes to file table

###POST /update Request Body transferID=XYZ, status=canceled/done/hash_mismatch, [newHash=XYZ], [uploader=XYZ] Response Body {'status': 'OK', 'text':'xyz'} Client Action Client cancels or completes download Server Action Modify the pending queue appropriately

Simple download protocol

###Client initiates download

  1. User selects a file and selects 'download'
  2. Client makes request to /download with mac, hash, type
  3. If the file is 'online', the server creates 1 entry in the pending table from uploader to downloader. Otherwise, it will also create 'x' entries for the user's friends to download the file.

Use cases

  1. User downloads file directly, file remains online throughout
  2. User requests offline file, file is replicated, downloaded from original holder
  3. User requests offline file, file is replicated, downloaded from friend
  4. Node is instructed to download file for friend
  5. Node is instructed to download file for itself
  6. User changes nick - only on next restart
  7. Sync is initiated - only on explicit call
  8. User becomes offline
  9. Transfer is completed
  10. Transfer failed
  11. Friend loses file it has downloaded
  12. User receives file, and other nodes are still holding file for user
  13. User never comes online to receive the file
  14. Transfer is restarted at a given point
  15. Original holder loses/deletes file
  16. Transfer is corrupted (direct)
  17. Server is down
  18. Unable to conect to TCP node
  19. Convert a failed direct to an indirect transfer
  20. Server does not realise that a user has recieved the file (satus should last b/w app restarts)
  21. Duplicate nicks selected - reject register request
  22. Hard drive space less-remove pendings.
  23. Requester recieves file while it is being replicated to other nodes as well
  24. Tranfer is corrupted for a bounced file - delete the file at the replicated node

Current priorities

Cases for Update

		direct					firstleg				secondleg				delete

done delete all P + F delete P, add new P delete all P + F delete P

canceled delete all P + F delete P delete all P + F

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