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**** EXPIRED *****  Not maintained anymore ***** 

Features in isotope
* Project management
* Repository management
* Ticketing syetem
* Messages
* Milestones
* Administration includes
    - User adding to the system
    - Giving access to the user to the specific project
    - Any user can create a project and repository.
    - Restriction should be made to users other than admin in the project


* Milestones  (+++)
* Resolving and cancelling the tickets   (++++)
* Proper settings in the project tab. UI changes and restriction functionality to be added to that (+++)
* Repositories should made listing files and folders properly and with good UI (+++)
* Some more added UI and milestones to be displayed in overview tab of every project
* Listing projects to be made with good UI 
* Restrictions to the projects to be added asap  (++++)
* Storage limit to the specific user to be added.
* Automatic installation should include rake task that creates admin user (++++)

++++ => Priority level in the development process.
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